Quality Employees are the key to your success

Customer care and retention is vital to your success. As you know, it costs far more to find and attract new clients than it does to build repeat business. As an employer and a leader in the field since 1980, we understand the skills and attitude that are needed to succeed. Unlike graduates from single discipline or tech schools, our graduates know how to support the full range of services offered at leading spas, day spas and clinics. This is why so many employers in the area prefer Spa Tech Institute graduates. They are ready to work to build your business. As the industry grows, the biggest problem is a lack of well trained and competent employees to support your growth. Increasingly spa owners are sending their employees to us for training or recommending the school to people who are interested in entering the field. We thank you for your trust and support as we focus on providing you with the best employees possible.

Kris Stecker, President