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Massage Therapist [Job ID: 1148]
PURPOSE OF THE JOB Provide Massage Therapy and Body Treatments to guests and members. Ensure all services are being delivered consistently and accordingly to brand standards. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES  Be knowledgeable of all treatments available and able to effectively provide each treatment according to our Standard Operating Procedures  Perform all services consistently, according to standards and to maximize client satisfaction  Provide excellent customer service skills such as greeting guests by name, being warm, friendly, and professional  Maintain client confidentiality and sensitivity to age and gender during all massage therapy sessions. Report any unusual client interactions to supervisor immediately  Dressed and groomed according to standards  Be knowledgeable about all aspects such as being able to explain all origins of the product and Traditional Chinese Medicine  Attend all mandatory training sessions and weekly/monthly scheduled meetings  Attend all trainings required for performing treatments  Maintain a professional manner with accurate punctuality and time management skills  Establish individual client case history cards  Training in Reception Procedures to assist guests and build business SECONDARY RESPONSIBILITIES  Participate in promotional aspects by attending on and off property wellness fairs  Perform other necessary duties incidental to the work described herein  Provide massage orientation services, education seminars and market massage services upon request  Present a positive and professional work ethic EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE/GENERAL REQUIREMENTS/REQUIRED PHYSICAL, MENTAL ABILITIES - Valid Massage Therapy Licensure in Massachusetts - National Certification (within 1 year of hire) - CPR Certified (within 2 months of

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Hourly / PT
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Day Spa
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